22 June 2024

Mayotte Faces Severe Cholera Outbreak: French Island Records Nearly 200 Cases

The cholera outbreak in Mayotte, a French island in the Indian Ocean, has recorded close to 200 cases. The rise in infections is blamed on unsanitary conditions, with calls for improved access to clean drinking water. Two fatalities, including a child, have been reported. The outbreak’s risk remains elevated until sanitation improves.

4 June 2024

Renowned Media Personality Jahmby Koikai Passes Away After Endometriosis Battle

Famed reggae MC and media personality Jahmby Koikai has died following complications from endometriosis. Battling the condition since age 13, Koikai's life was marred by chronic pain, infertility, and financial struggles for medical treatment. Her passing highlights the urgent need for better endometriosis awareness and healthcare in Kenya.

23 May 2024

Revolutionary Human Head Transplant Machine Concept Launch by BrainBridge Startup Raises Skepticism

Innovative startup BrainBridge unveiled a groundbreaking head transplant machine, integrating AI and robotics to transfer a human head to a new body. This concept aims to push medical boundaries and offer new hope for life-threatening conditions, but faces skepticism over feasibility and ethics.