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Introduction to Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines the information collection, use, and disclosure practices for Durban Energy News Digest via our website The policy is crafted in compliance with South African laws and is intended to protect the privacy of our website visitors and subscribers while providing top-notch service. We take our responsibility to safeguard your personal information very seriously, acknowledging our obligation to preserve the integrity and security of any data you share with us. Every interaction with our website signifies consent to the assembly, regulation, and deployment of data according to this policy. Modifications to our Privacy Policy are posted on this page, reflecting our commitment to transparency and ethical practices in handling personal information.

Collection of Personal Information

We actively collect various forms of information during your visits to our site. The data collected ranges from personal identifiers like name and email to technical data that may include IP address, browser type, and your interaction with the site. This information is pivotal not only for facilitating effective communication and personalized experience but also for improving our content and site layout to better suit your needs. The voluntary provision of your data, particularly in response to content forms or subscription requests, is managed with utmost confidentiality. All personal details gathered are aimed at enhancing your user experience and are not, under any circumstance, traded, leased, or sold to third parties.

Usage and Disclosure of Personal Information

The primary usage of the personal information collected from you is to allow for a customized and efficient experience. This information assists in addressing your inquiries adequately, providing access to specific areas of the site, and communicating updates or promotional materials, as consented by you. We may disclose aggregated, non-personally identifiable information with third-party partners for analytical purposes. In instances where it is mandated by law, your personal information may be disclosed. For example, compliance with courtroom orders, legal procedures, or government authority's mandate could necessitate data sharing to uphold this policy and protect our users' rights.

Access, Correction, and Deletion of Your Information

As a steadfast advocate for personal autonomy in data handling, we provide mechanisms for users to access, modify, or request deletion of their data. Should you need to review your information or correct any inaccuracies, you are encouraged to reach out to us. Our system supports updates to your information to cater to any relev...

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