14 July 2024

Democratic Donors Dismayed as Biden Faces Rough Terrain: Trump Merchandise Triumphs

A New York shop's sale of political merchandise reveals a surprising trend: Trump's products are outselling Biden's. This has stirred discontent among top Democratic donors who are now questioning Biden's campaign effectiveness and their financial commitments. The trend may have broader implications for the Democratic Party's fundraising efforts.

10 July 2024

Nigerian House of Representatives to Examine Disputed Clauses in Samoa Partnership Agreement

The Nigerian House of Representatives is planning to examine the Samoa Partnership Agreement due to contentious clauses. Concerns center on the alleged emphasis on LGBT rights and possible threats to Nigeria's sovereignty. The investigation is driven by media scrutiny and aims to ensure the agreement aligns with the country's values.

11 June 2024

Meloni’s Brothers of Italy Leads EU Vote in Italy: Exit Poll Insights

Exit polls show Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's Brothers of Italy party leading the European elections in Italy, gathering 25-31% of votes. Democratic Party and Five Star Movement trail behind with significant, albeit lower, percentages. Meloni’s leadership, personal endorsements, and alliances mark a compelling narrative amid the evolving political landscape in Italy.

1 June 2024

Donald Trump to Appeal Historic Felony Conviction for Falsifying Business Records

Donald Trump has announced his intention to appeal his historic conviction for falsifying business records. This marks a significant event as Trump becomes the first former US president convicted of a felony. The conviction has elicited varying reactions, with support for and against Trump evident. Despite the legal battles, Trump's focus remains on the upcoming election against Joe Biden.